NYE EVE… And what I learned from the Italians

On this “NYE” eve, like most of us I can’t help but to reflect on the past year. There were highs; my son’s acceptance to SYA Italy, our family trip to Thailand, my annual girls ski trip to Colorado, my launch of 54 Couture Portraiture, and my collaboration with a fellow artist forming PS Couture. There were lows as well; my husband’s stroke, my brother-n-law’s untimely death, breast cancer attacked my family like a stealth bomber, absence of a close friendship, and the loss of an unborn child. My observation in all of this is that life is constantly changing and waits for no one. The good and the bad have to be embraced, cherish the good and try and make sense of the bad.

mi familia

mi familia

The past week I was in Italy with my family, a first for us celebrating Christmas away, while there I did a lot of people watching and observed the italians zeal for life. They smoke and drink with abandonment, savor their meals, upon meeting men kiss one another, and all the women from baby girls to 80 plus year-olds are “dressed”.  The women my age are not trying to emulate their daughters, they are sporting silver hair, wearing body conscious clothes and always so effortlessly chic. I loved seeing people riding bikes, fully dressed in street clothes, going about their day.

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

It was refreshing not to see Starbucks. Yes. I do love Starbucks and have been known on more than one occasion to even cruise through a drive-thru. Here you did not see people walking around with paper cups, if you have a coffee or tea your are sitting in a cafe with a “real” cup and saucer, and oh none of this “tall”, “grande” and “venti” business, everything is served in a regular cup. The culture does not seem driven by convenience, no taking food away in containers and meals with your family are important.



What I learned from the Italians:

1. If I don’t have time to sit downn and drink my tea or coffee–I don’t need it.

2. No more wearing my “workout” clothes as street wear- finish working out and get dressed-enough said.

3. Prepare more meals at home, with the kids being away it is so easy to just pick something up.

4. Spend more time with family.

5. Continue to find joy in simple things ie. having fresh flowers just because…

flowers are everywhere in Italy...these were sold from the back of a truck

flowers are everywhere in Italy…these were sold from the back of a truck

6. Having friends over just because–the art of home entertaining seems lost-

7. Make more rituals-make your bath like a spa-why not?

love my bathtub...

love my bathtub…

8. Ride your bike for transportation in your regular clothes-and put your groceries in the bike basket–get rid of the Costco card and stop buying thngs in bulk…

9. Laugh out loud often- even if for no reason

10. And lastly…Drink more red wine or  juice or kumbucha…water–just drink

10.5 Yes…a bidet

11. Say “Ciao” “Grazie” and ” Allora”




Gigi in Rome

Gigi in Rome

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