Not in This Lifetime…

Do you ever read something about someone in the press and for a moment you are in awe of the person’s accomplishments and then you think to yourself “hmmmm not in this lifetime, would I ever be acknowledged for something like that.”? I look back on my life and I think about what have I done that has been newsworthy…?

Being a relatively new photographer I have not receieved any formal accolades in my new career, nor had a gallery showing, or published a coffee table book, or shot a magazine cover, or been a speaker at a international photography conference. I was a full time mommy for many years and did not receive any awards for that, well a bauble here and there for Mother’s Day but that’s it. No special award for having 2 babies 6 years apart. I dabbled in interior design, no recognition there either just a lot of pretty stuff that ended up in my home.

I returned to school in my early 40’s and finished my degree, no write up there, maybe if I had gone back in my 90’s I could have been written up for breaking a record at a college of being the eldest to get my BA at the university. I’m in lots of organizations and have donated a lot of hours, but I have not started a non-profit or been on Oprah for my dedication to a cause.

Gigi finishing college

Gigi finishing college

So I went back a little further to when I had a chocolate brownie business with a friend, we worked hard and were given an award by the Governor for our efforts, I have a vague memory of the day, I remember traveling to Sacramento and being real happy to receive the award.

Gigi's brownie days-

Gigi’s brownie days-

While the odds of me doing something newsworthy or becoming “famous” in my lifetime are slim, I will still continue to live life like a rockstar- doing and being the best that I can be, I will admire those that are in my life that on occasion I read about, or see on the big screen. Would I have done things differently? I don’t know, I think everything happens for a reason, so I will savor my moments and keep it moving…




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