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Now that my “professional” life has begun, after 3 decades or so of wandering, I feel desperate to be somewhat successful, to make up for lost time. I don’t have regrets for my past, but I’m reminded so often when I meet peers close to my age or more often read about them in publications, it is at those times I feel behind.

I love what I’m doing, being a photographer, even if my work is not hanging in a gallery, I’m not a keynote speaker at WPPI, nor am I doing assignments for Vogue or NY fashion week. I am capturing and documenting the existence and beauty of women who trust me with their soul and vulnerabilities.

When I imagined my new life as a photographer, I never thought about my age, or what others were doing, it was my passion and I was not concerned where it was going to go or end.

I’m grateful that I am in good health, that I embrace my 10 extra pounds, I have a supportive husband, my kids are navigating and figuring out their purpose in this world and life for the most part is really good.

I believe everything happens when it is supposed to and I have to trust that this is my time. I’m 5’6″ (I wish) 56 years old and my life is just that my life, the one with my quirky family, surrounded by my kitties, hopelessly shoe addicted, camera toting, complicated, kinky curly hair wearing, loving, traveling, stressful and 98% of the time happy woman.

Happy to be back after my 2 week hiatus-



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