My Name Is Gigi and I Am A Hoarder…

I’m not sure when this problem started, but I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the years. With a daughter living in New York City, I was pinned to the news keeping up with “Sandy”.  I couldn’t help thinking about the what if we were hit with a catastrophic event what would I do? What is really important? I have so much clutter it would really be hard for me to find the items that I would even want. That’s a problem. So I decided I would confront this situation.


This is the outside of my house. You will be surprised at what lurks inside of the garage. I am ashamed to share with you that I cannot park one car inside because of stuff.


See? Bikes, boxes, furniture projects–never wanting to get ready a chair because I’m going to recover it…


There are so many boxes from when remodeled the kitchen I have no clue what is even in them.

the rafters

The rafters is full of stuff too, more boxes and holiday decorations.


I did take one car stall and make a gym, and that area stays free of clutter.

So, little by little I am going to clean my garage so I can park a car inside. I also made a list of what would I grab if I had to leave my home quickly:

Not in any particular order:

1. My 3 external hard drives

2. Mac Book Pro

3. Ipad

4. Cameras which stay packed in a backpack

5. Medications (my husband takes some life saving meds that he can’t go without…)

6. Passports

7. My 2 Cats

8.Flashlight if I could find one

9. Water

10. My jewelry–I love my baubles

Ten things that I would hate to leave

1. Boxes of pictures (let’s just say an entire closet full of pictures)

2. My shoes–no need to explain you know I loooove my shoes

3. My wardrobe

4. Paintings

5. Odd things I have brought back from trips

6. My Hastens Bed

7. My books-I have many-even though I have a kindle I will always love books especially Art books

8. Trinkets from my children ie. preschool drawings etc. I have all that stuff too

9. My dishes I used to have a china problem

10. The few antiques that I have collected


What would you grab if you only had a few minutes? What would you miss?

I will be posting my progress on Operation Garage in the coming weeks.






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