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To be honest, when I was in New York a few weeks ago, I was distracted with a medical challenge I was dealing with. I really did not take advantage of all the interesting things that New York city offers, but now that my daughter Amani lives there I will have many more opportunities to visit again.

Gigi and Hubby at Mondrian SoHo

Reggie joined me on the weekend and we drove to D.C. for a wedding, of course, Amani took advantage of having access to a car for the day. I did very little shopping, (a sign of my state of mind) just 3 pairs of flats from Vince Camuto and a cute bootie from Topshop (btw Topshop will be opening in the Grove early 2013). I’m really not a flat shoe kind of girl, but a few hours of walking around in my heels on the street, made me a new convert.

Vince Camuto sparkle pewter flat

Vince Camuto flat

Vince Camuto flat

TopShop Bootie

Once I had my nice comfortable flats, I walked around and observed this non-stop busy city.

Doggy ordering

This little guy was staring at the menu as if he was going to be ordering something.


I often have shoegasms…

Pure Food and Wine

Gigi at Pure Food and Wine

Had a delicious gourmet raw vegan dinner at Pure Food and Wine.


I’m a sucker for kittens, especially orphans. This was a rescue operation on the street that was looking for foster moms.

Uncle Paul & Gigi

I was born in New Jersey, yes I am a Jersey girl. My Uncle Paul my father’s brother still lives in Paterson, New Jersey in the house that I spent the first five years of my life. He is 85 years young, lives alone and is doing fine. I was surprised at how familiar everything was considering it was so many years ago that I lived there.

Mondrian SoHo

Isola SoHo

We had breakfast at Isola before we departed for our four hour drive to D.C.. I love this greenhouse inspired space, beautiful place to stop and have a drink or tea at the bar. I’m looking forward to my next trip to the city, which will be in April.







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