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Although Reggie and I prefer a vegan diet, we love eating at all kinds of restaurants. We can always make a meal by ordering salads and sides from the menu. Our friends Al and Denise are true foodies, they keep track of who’s who in the culinary world, so I knew we were in for a treat going to Baco Mercat. Tucked away in the old downtown LA bank district with a convenient parking lot right next door, it was a breeze getting there. It is a charming space, rustic and funky combined for a relaxed atmosphere, it was packed not a free table and we were there on a Wednesday night.

Baco Mercat

Baco Mercat

The menu has a large assortment of veggie dishes-and not the typical potatoes, broccoli, grilled veggie variety, but really unusual combinations of farm fresh produce. I had the best Cauliflower which was caramelized with pine nuts, mint garlic and lebni, out of this world good. Chef Josef Centeno has mastered the shared plate concept which I love, it makes the dining experience so intimate, as if you were at home passing the dishes around. The food is a combination of spanish, moroccan, mediterranean fusion style which all translates to delicious. We had the asparagus and king mushroom which was prepared with tarragon, red endive and snap peas,  brussels sprouts prepared “caesar” style, beet salad,  sugar snap & pear salad. Reggie and Al had a “baco” which is a sandwich that Jose created out of homemade flatbread, and a bunch of other flavorful stuff tucked inside- all good. He also makes these flatbread pizzas with different toppings that are so light. As far as drinks, they craft all kinds of unique cocktails, homemade sodas and of course wine and beer.

I can’t wait to go again…reservations a must, I don’t think you can just show up and get a table. Check it out soon. http://bacomercat.com/




Monday-Thursday 11:30-2:30 5:30-11:00

Friday & Saturday 11:30-3:00 5:30-Midnight

Sunday 11:30-3:00 5:00-10:00

408 South Main Street LA  213 687 8808

Reggie, Gigi, Al & Denise

Reggie, Gigi, Al & Denise

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