Meditation- I Get It!



3 weeks ago a facebook friend tagged me in a post suggesting that we all sign up for the Oprah-Deepak 21 day free meditation. Prior to that the only meditation I had done was a moment here and there in yoga class. Let me tell you, I had no clue, the power of meditation, it is life changing. Yes, for the most part I am a  happy go lucky kinda girl, but meditation forced me to go deep inside and deal with the minuscule shit that can really hold you back, the stuff in your subconscious that feeds you negative thoughts.

For those of you who might be like I was a few weeks ago- clueless, let me explain  how it works. Every morning I logged into the site and each day there was a new message and mantra. The recording was for 20 minutes, beginning with Oprah speaking for a few minutes, followed by Deepak explaining the mantra, the lesson of the day ending with the guided meditation.

At first I was a little distracted, not realizing how much “noise” is in our lives, little things, like I would hear the little ding when I got a text, so I turned my phone off, or someone working outside, I had to learn to quite my mind and find peace and shut everything else out.

I was forced to take 30 quiet minutes for myself, where I thought about success in a different way, it helped me to understand the behavior of others and accept they are working from the best place they can. 30 minutes that made the rest of my day pleasant, nothing really upset anymore, like a veil of calmness had come over me. I know this sounds crazy, but I am able to focus and think with clarity. Things I once perceived as a challenge now seem obtainable, I have a new sense that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

I will continue to meditate and work on “self” and understanding this powerful body /mind connection.

Do you meditate? If so what has your experience been?

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend. We will be going to Santa Barbara to see my son before he goes to prom…



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