Like Fine Wine, Better With Age?

Fabulous Tina Turner 73 years young

This jaw dropping image of 73 years young, Tina Turner popped up on my facebook news feed a few days ago on her birthday, November 26. I have always been a Tina Turner fan, gone to numerous live performances and always left the show in awe of her energy, beauty, attitude and of course her famous legs. Seeing this picture I thought “wow” Tina is 20 years older than me and she looks great! I don’t hide my age, all 53 years are posted all over the internet for the world to see. Aging can be all consuming in this youth worshipping society, but the fact is we cannot do anything to stop the process. My approach so far has been holistic, watching my diet, exercising as much as possible, having a glass a wine sometimes and even chocolate. I dabble in lots of creams for my skin, this habit started many years ago when my mom was a Mary Kay consultant and I was her assistant at the wise old age of 12. Some days though, I look in the mirror and I am reminded that yes, I am getting older, but with that I am more confident, wiser, and stronger. At this point I still rock heels that are probably 2 inches to high, wear dresses that more than skim my body, and have an ipod full of music that would impress some of the 20-somethings. It’s a state of mind that I think makes all the difference in how you navigate this road of aging, follow the signs, but don’t be afraid to go over the speed limit, make an illegal u turn here and there, and park in the red zone.

What’s your approach to aging?



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