I’m at an age where my friends parents are advancing in age and starting to have health challenges. This CANCER beast is out of control, touching everyone I know in some way. It certainly makes me appreciate every day my family and I wake up. I try and engage my life in a meaningful manner, stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Alaska sky

Alaska sky

Being a photographer I know life is a series of snapshots, images that represent a moment in our lives that will never be repeated. I’m obsessed with documenting life as it flashes by. My son used to get annoyed with me and say “Can’t we just do what we are doing? why do you have to take a picture?”.

For me relationships with my family and friends are so important. I may not have always been the “best friend” or family member, but I am always willing to work things out and apologize and move forward.

Yes, I love some material trappings like pretty shoes, leopard prints, sparkly baubles, and such, but at the end of the day it is the relationships with loved ones that really matter.

A few weeks ago my mother acquired some pictures from her cousin in San Francisco. I’m the default historian in the family and have always loved old photographs. Here are a few snapshots of my ancestors. I’m not sure of the identity of everyone, other than that are family members from my mother’s side. I hope 75 years from now there are families that will be sharing images that I captured through my lens…

my mom circa 1938

my mom circa 1938

This is my mom and her only brother and their aunt who took care of them for a few years. They were living in Mississippi during the Great Depression.

My mother's grandparents

My mother’s grandparents

This is my mom’s grandparents on her father’s side, the Elston family.



I’m not sure who this cowboy is, doing a little research-I love this picture.



I love the expressions, smiling on pictures is something that came about much later.

mom's family

mom’s family

Love the hair and the dress.

my mom's father-my grandfather

my mom’s father-my grandfather

My grandfather moved west via Mississippi do to some sort of scandal. He settled in the small town of Oroville   in northern California. I would love to know the story of how he and his family migrated to the bay area.

I hope 75 years from now some one is looking at my images sharing moments of a bygone era. I’m excited and looking forward to do family portrait sessions and capturing memories.

Happy weekend,











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