Las Vegas: 48 Hours

We got back from our Las Vegas road trip last night. The weekend started with a drive-arama on Friday. I drove to Cate School, to pick up my son Reggie, it is a beautiful drive but, 2 hours each way none the less. My car was in the shop so I was delighted when I was told I would have to have a loaner for the weekend. Yes! The Lexus SUV hybrid  equipped with Sirus radio made the drive a breeze, and it was so good on gas.

I’m a member of Jack and Jill, and our area workday was being held in Las Vegas at the Green Valley Ranch, a beautiful resort about 15 minutes outside of Las Vegas. Of course I registered late and missed the window for getting a room, so we stayed at the Signature MGM property in Las Vegas.

Signature MGM

After driving our 4 hour plus ride we arrived at the the Signature MGM, a non- smoking hotel with no gaming, which I loved. We were upgraded to a suite, which is always nice especially when we are traveling with our kids. Our room was on the 33rd floor with an incredible view, and two full bathrooms. This resort is perfect for families and the location is close to everything and the room rate was a little under 200.00.

Signature Bathroom

I love a spacious bathroom, with nice products, there was even a TV so you would not have to miss your favorite program.

view from our room

It was nice connecting with my Jack and Jill sisters from the far west region. My son attended the teen meeting and community service project. That evening the teens cruised the strip Las Vegas style in a party bus.

Gigi and Patricia

My son Reggie

Saturday evening husband Reggie got tickets to Cirque du Soleil Ka’. What a treat! The effects are lavish and the performers are unbelievable in the physical feats they are able to execute  so gracefully. Here is a peak at the show.

Reggie & Gigi

I wore my new top that I got last week at Zara’s in Chicago. It worked really well dressing up my black jeans, this picture does not show all the details. I will be wearing this a few more times this holiday season. Check it out here.

My Zara top 99.00

We slept in a bit, got a quick breakfast at the hotel before driving home. Although I am not a big Las Vegas fan, I can see the attraction, it is a big fantasy world full of excitement. There were so many people walking the streets, with super size neon cocktails, restaurants were busy, music blasting, and casinos full of people playing games hoping to win the big one. The drive is quick, and the flight is under an hour, I have never had enough time to explore the spas, but I hear they are nice too.

Gigi and Reggie                                                    

This was our last trip of the year. I’m looking forward to staying at home working on projects that are in various states, needing some attention so they can be completed and checked off my list.






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