Yesterday my heart was at a loss of words, so my tears had to represent. They were the silent tears, not accompanied by the “ugly face” these were the ones that effortlessly slide down your face leaving make-up in tack. Lady like tears, the kind you could lightly dab with a tissue. I’m amazed at the human sprit and the hidden strength that exists in all of us, when confronted with adversity. To witness someone I love faced with a catastrophic illness with all its ugliness, I was in awe of my sister’s calmness and grace.

Although we are all here in the world of the living for just a moment, I think when faced with our impending mortality it can be debilitating. I’m at the age where shit is starting to happen to those I care about. It seems as if everybody I know has been affected by this M-F—ker who goes by the name of cancer. It is rampant in this country, and your have to wonder the why.

Is it stress? Diet? Inflammation? Genes? Environmental?

I guess if we knew the answer, that would be half the problem. I’ve seen it come after everyone from the most health conscientious, to those who live day by day with reckless abandonment.

Yesterday I realized we are just simple shells, and that these shells can be deconstructed, but as long as we can keep our “soul” in tack we will be OK. Our bodies can be manipulated, carved, cut, enhanced, banded, tucked, filled, but it is that inner core that is most important–the part that needs the most care.

My faith and the prayers of others blessed my family and I know everything is going to be fine. The events of this week, are yet another reminder of what is really important? Not being so dogmatic and judgmental. Guiding your life with love, and forgiveness. Acceptance of those who may differ from  you in their beliefs. And most of all taking TIME FOR SELF and being the BEST VERSION OF YOU that you can be…

Happy Thursday,





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