LA Links 61st Cotillion One Moment In Time 2012

Being a romantic at heart, growing up, I wanted to be a debutante and a have a big wedding with all the trimmings; big white billowy gown, elegant reception, beautiful flowers and an exotic honeymoon. Neither happened for me, and I have been attending and celebrating these events with friends and family ever since.  Debutante balls have been around for about 400 years, traditionally held to introduce young ladies from upper crust families to society ie. other upper crust families. Some might ask with multiple social networking websites, facebook, etc. is there even a need for cotillions? My daughter was a debutante in 2008 and it was an unforgettable experience for both of us. The girls are required to do community service, etiquette classes, social skills, college admissions preparation, financial management, and most of all meet other young ladies that they will form life long friendships with.

Friday evening, November 23rd, 15 young ladies curtsied,  at the Beverly Regent Hotel, walking arm-in-arm with a father, grandfather, or uncle. An evening steeped in tradition, over 500 friends and family members were in attendance at this grand affair. We were there to support our friends, Vincent and Allison Conard and their beautiful daughter Charis. This year was the 61st Cotillion presented by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Links, and the Los Angeles Chapter Charitable Trust. The proceeds from the ball are used to support community non-profit organizations, and scholarships.

Debutante Charis and Gigi

Debutante Charis was a the belle of the ball. I have watched her blossom into a beautiful young woman.

Allison and Vincent Conard

Allison and Vincent, proud parents on this special evening, I love Allison’s navy gown so elegant. The father/daughter waltz was so beautiful. I captured what I could on my little point and shoot camera.

Grand Ballroom

The ballroom was filled with admiring friends and family, these young ladies are truly special.

Place Setting

Floral Arrangements

The ballroom was filled with flowers, the tables were set and everyone was dressed black tie, a nice affair to start off the holiday season. Here is another clip of the Debutante/Escort waltz.

Debutante Charis and Escort Edmon Porter (son of Keith and Karen Porter)

Gigi & Reggie

Debutante Amani (Gigi’s daughter) 2008

While a cotillion may not be for everyone, I still sit at the edge of my chair in awe at this elegant tradition that is still going on in 2012. To see these young ladies dressed in these ball gowns prancing around glowing, knowing that  this “moment in time” is truly theirs.

What do you think about cotillions? Were you a debutante? Is your daughter going to be a debutante?








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