Kicking Stones…

Big Stone...

Big Stone…

For me the inspiration for a post usually begins with something that I observed, read, heard, experienced or felt. Today I was thinking about milestones and how easy it is to get caught up in when certain events should happen in our lives. How you feel like a loser if you have missed some “stones” or stumbled on a few or maybe you are just starting to creep up on a one or two. There is always that someone who is doing more, has a thriving career, perfect kids, etc., but the truth is we have to accept where we are and know for whatever reason that is our plan for the moment.

For me two years ago I did not know at the ripe young age of 54, I would be launching a photography business, one where many photographers my age are well established, some world renowned, while I am just mastering really understanding my complex camera and my flashes. Instead of harping on the “I have so much catching up in my field” syndrome, it is easier for me to evaluate what I have to offer, for example I am an expert on photographing women over the age of 40, I know that demographic very well or that I bring to my business a brain that has scoured magazines for the past 40 years and so many beautiful images are permanently imprinted in my brain.

I have learned to be at peace with my life and where I am and accept that there will be adversity, and as painful as it is everyone is not going to embrace you or support your choices, some may even criticize you and ask you questions such as “Are you doing that as a hobby” or  ” really…someone going to pay you for that” and that is OK-it will make you a stronger person.

So where ever you are start jumping over those stones or better yet put on a pair of steel toed boots and start kicking them out of the way…

Happy Tuesday!



Photographer Gigi

Photographer Gigi

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