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Today I am recommitting to my workout. January was crazy with my 3 trips, totally interrupting my exercise schedule. Of course, I brought workout stuff on all of my trips, but it stayed neatly folded in my suitcase.

Exercising is big for me, I feel much better and overall happier when I work out. Negativity can sneak up on me when I don’t exercise and I get these periods of irritability that I know are from a lack of exercise. At my age a few weeks of being inactive shows up on the body right away, another one of the many side effects that came along post 50.

So I set a few obtainable goals, like drop maybe 8 pounds or so, work on some of the jiggly areas, and work on my flexibility by returning to a regular yoga practice. Of course I want the aesthetic results, like gracefully gliding into my 57th birthday with a nice taut body, strolling on the beach sans a cover up.

So- what is my plan? Basically setting my intentions, putting my workouts on my calendar like any other appointment, sticking to my routine and really watching my diet. Wearing my fitbit, that is just sitting in my drawer collecting dust.

When I think about my life in regards to fitness, I have always been active, the 20’s were easy, things stayed in place, I worked at Jack La lanne, (does anybody even remember that gym) taught aerobic classes at Nautilus Plus (another gym that went under) worked for Jim Kelly, he had a little private gym back in the 80’s and I lived by the beach and rode my bike a lot- those years were good.

I worked for Jim Kelly during the 80's

I worked for Jim Kelly during the 80’s

The 30’s came along with marriage, and the babies…things were still okay. I Discovered running, did a few marathons, fell in love with spinning, did weight training- the body was good.

LA Marathon 1998

LA Marathon 1998

40’s came along with the major diet shifts, no more meat, chicken, fish, it was a slow transition but by 50 all the animal products were eliminated. I discovered bootcamp, Pole dancing, yoga and pilates- the body was good.

Gigi @ 40

Gigi @ 40

And then came the 50’s- things started trying to shift and my waist was becoming a traitor. My diet is mostly vegan, with some slip-ups with cheese here and there, especially when traveling. I joined Equinox, worked on and off with trainers, did classes here and there, hot yoga, pilates, barre, pretty much all over the place- periods of being real consistent and then slip ups- the body just okay.

50's Gigi

50’s Gigi

Fast forward to now, I know that for my curvy body type I need lots of cardio, i.e. “sweat”, strength training and yoga or pilates to keep my body together. Cut out all the obvious things, and just eat “clean” whole foods in their original state…and I would be okay.

Do a variety of workouts so I don’t get bored and most of all make it fun.

This month as I recommit I will be mindful of my workouts and focus on being the best version of me.

Did you make any challenges or resolutions for 2016? How do you stay motivated with your workouts? How do you stay on track?





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