It’s Officially Fall!


It’s officially Fall! I’ve been MIA for the past month, lots of interference, between my internet problem (now fixed via my new router), 95 plus degree days, and a social calendar on overdrive, it has been a real challenge.

My life is constantly evolving. My daughter Amani moved to New York, and I am helping her navigate the apartment hunting race, by being a reluctant guarantor. My son Reggie is settling into his sophomore year at Cate and has promised me that he will eat in the cafeteria and stop ordering pizza. Reggie senior is running, biking, playing basketball daily and still finding time to work.

I started photography school two weeks ago. I have always loved taking pictures, and had become a master of my Canon point and shoot. Prior to our South Africa trip I purchased a Nikon D7000 and was overwhelmed with all the options on this camera. (BTW South Africa pics coming soon) A big difference from my little point and shoot… The classes are interesting and I have lots of assignments to keep me busy. I am taking a variety of courses, everything from How to pose, ambient lighting, photo shop to boudoir photography. I had one mishap so far, in my attempt to upload photo shop to my mac, I decided to transfer some pictures to my external drive, in the process I deleted my entire library! Let’s just say every picture since 2002, 12 years worth of memories, which for me translated to about 19,000 pictures. I was numb, fortunately I found a place on the web Crown City Computer  that was able to retrieve all my pictures. It was expensive (300.00), but worth every penny.  Moving forward I will secure some sort of cloud storage in addition to another external drive to be stored at another location. I will be sharing a lot of my work soon.




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