Interruptions happen everyday, it is how we handle them, that matters. Last night about 4:30 AM my son came upstairs, very excited, he told me that there was a coyote outside by his window howling. My husband was already gone, another story he runs really early on Tuesday morning with a little group. So I get up and go out on the porch, and I whistle and then what appeared to be a large german shepherd comes out of nowhere barking like my yard is his yard. So he is obviously frightened so I know not to go out and confront him, so I wait for Reggie. He comes home and goes out, and the dog and he go around in circles and then the dog hides in the lower part of in our yard. Needless to say my sleep was interrupted, so I just stayed up and thought about how life is full of interruptions.

I decided I would finish a post I was working on only to discover my internet was down…another interruption. So I put on my robe and sat on the porch and waited for the dog to show, my husband left at 5:15 and could not play hide and seek with the dog any more. It was calming to watch the break of dawn, so I just relaxed and had a cup of tea, and took advantage of these moments of stillness. I could have called the pound, and made this a big ordeal, but I decided this is someones pet that got out and hopefully he would leave and go home.

break of dawn

break of dawn

Happy Tuesday–and welcome any interruptions you may have today!




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