I’m going to “TRI” real hard…

Inspiration comes in many ways. I was minding my own business when a client shared she was doing the Pasadena triathlon, one that I participated in last year in the swim portion on a relay team. Then my daughter who just launched a fitness IG browngirlsdoitwell, asked me for a photo from a triathlon I had did in the past, she was doing a “throwback” post. That was enough for me to dust off my running shoes and think about starting the process to whip this body into “tri” shape in the next 4 weeks. I work best when I have a goal, so this event is perfect and obtainable, I think…

Transition Area

Transition Area

My First Tri

My First Tri

The Pasadena triathlon is March 12, it is a little sprint, 5k, 10 mile bike, and 500 yard swim, and no, I am not the type that can wake up and drop a “tri” with no training like my husband can, but I know I can finish.

I’m excited that this is going to be the perfect way to implement  my 2016 fitness goals. January has come and gone and I have not been on my program. I found this 8 week guide to training for a sprint triathlon that I will modify for 4 weeks, yes I am an ambitious old thing.

triathlon training plan

triathlon training plan

My off days I will add yoga.

So I started the (run/walk) this past weekend, and hmmm I have a lot of work to do. I noticed after about 10 minutes my legs began to itch like crazy, so much so that I had to stop for a moment and try and relieve myself. I know what this is- as my heart rate goes up, blood flows faster, and the tiny capillaries and arteries in my muscles begin to expand rapidly, these stay open when you are fit but if you have not been on point, your capillaries tend to collapse. When your capillaries expand, the surrounding nerves become stimulated and send messages to the brain which read as intense itching! I learned all this when I trained for a marathon many years ago…

What are you fitness goals for this year? If you are mature like me, what are your obstacles if any? And how do you stay motivated? Btw you could always sign up for the Pasadena Triathlon…I’d love to know.

Happy Monday,



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