I’ll never be a Size 2, Butt …

I’ll never be a size 2, Butt…

Nor would I want too, “butt” I do want to be the best “me” , and this post 50 body is a full time job. I recently stepped up my program and I am really eating clean, I am determined to drop 10 pounds, which would put me at my “market” weight, the one on my drivers license. I think menopause tries to play a cruel trick  on a women’s body by attempting to take away our waist and making everything a little plumper. It’s like my Mimi kitty, once she got spayed her little figure changed as well getting thick in the middle, and nothing else changed, same food, same routine.

My Babies...

My Babies…diva Mimi in the front



For me I noticed rather real or imagined that after my birthday, I gained a few pounds- granted I did go on vacation, had a little more wine than my usual, a few more desserts etc. and now I am paying for it…

So moving forward, the key is to recognize, acknowledge and put a plan into action and do the work! So this is what I’m going to do:

I don’t like the term “diet”, I like to think of it as my “lifestyle” since this is what I should be doing all the time. Eating natural food  in its natural state, drinking lots of water, juicing, and portion control- even to much of a good thing can backfire.

Bump up the workouts- cardio, cardio and more cardio, I’m digging the dance workouts, strength training and of course finish it off with some yoga or pilates.

I’m also wearing a fitbit device , which I am loving, it will definitely keep you honest. I had to get used to wearing a rubber “thing”, but I just mix it in with a few bracelets. Tori Burch has designed a fitbit bracelet, that I may have to splurge  on when it comes out.

gigi's fitbit

gigi’s fitbit

Tori Burch Fitbit

Tori Burch Fitbit

It is recommended that you get in 10,000 steps in everyday, so I will be working on that as well.

Of course we all have a little bit of vanity, yes I want to look nice in my clothes and without them too, but more importantly so many health issues are attributed to excess weight, even 10 pounds can make a difference especially on your joints.

So friends, what sort of things to you do to keep on track– do you find it difficult to stay in shape as those birthdays come and go? Share your techniques on keeping it together.



Happy Friday,

Xoxo, GIGI

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