If I Were A DJ Deqn Sue and Madison LST

DJ Gigi

I have always loved music. When I was a teenager I remember I wanted to work in a “record store”, my mom shut that down immediately. Back in the day I used to make mixed tapes, hang out in record stores listening to artists that were not on the radio, go see live performances, and fantasize about being a DJ. Now I make playlists for my ipod, dabble a bit on spotify, and still listen out for up and coming artists. This past week two artists whom I have know longer than I care to admit released videos this week. So DJ Gigi would like to share them with you all. Deqn Sue I have know her entire life. When I met my husband he was holding 2 month old Deqn Sue in a baby carrier thingy on his chest. I thought to myself “Why is this man trying to talk to me with a baby?” Well baby Deqn Sue is all grown up. My dear friend Blaine, who is like a sister to me is Deqn Sue’s Auntie/manager.  I love her new video and I hope you do too.

Madison and Amani attended the same preschool, and we became close friends with the Stewart family. We even traveled to the South of France together. Time has zoomed by, and Madison has finished school and  is a Ford model in NYC and an artist.  He too just released a new video “Give Me The World”. Check it out.




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