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First and foremost I’m not a doctor, but I am interested in anything I can do to enhance my well being. I truly believe we have a lot of control based on what we chose to put in our bodies and how active we keep ourselves. So that being said I switched doctors this year-something I should have sone years ago and my new doctor and I see eye to eye. She is an M.D., but believes as I do we are in control more than society would like us to believe. So one of the things, there are quite a few that she has me doing, is taking a vitamin D supplement.  Yes. We do get vitamin from the sun, but I am careful with my sun exposure considering that one of the side effects I have from menopause is melasma which gets worse in the sun.

So I am taking vitamin D drops 5000 iu daily. I feel so much better, not sure if it is the vitamin D or, the gluten free diet, or consistent workouts or all the above. But anyway I want to stress the importance of Vitamin D, so if you are not taking it, run to the store and get some NOW!

Benefits of Vitamin D

1. Aids in preventing Breast Cancer

With two family members with breast cancer, anything I can do as a preventive measure, I’m going to incorporate.  JoEllen Welsh, a researcher with the State University of New York, has studied the effects of vitamin D for 25 years. She believes vitamin D may be just as powerful as the most modern anti-cancer drugs.

“What happens is that vitamin D enters the cells and triggers the cell death process. It’s similar to what we see when we treat cells with Tamoxifen, a drug used to treat breast cancer.”

2. Stronger Bones

You need vitamin D so your calcium can be absorbed which is needed for strong bones. Having osteoporosis this is very important for me.

3. Immune Support

Good for your immune system-keeping infections down

4. Avoiding PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome

This is a leading cause of infertility and low levels of vitamin D have been associated with this condition.

So friends, do your own research, test your vitamin D levels to see where you are, most people are deficient unless you are a lifeguard or work outdoors.

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