It’s Husband’s Birthday Today!

Husband's Birthday

Husband’s Birthday

We have been celebrating all weekend! Today I’m going to pick up a jacket from SAND his favorite store and a few more goodies. Of course he said he didn’t need anything…don’t spend any money. Oh Well.


SAND  Sunset Plaza

Last year we had a dinner party at Au Luc, a raw vegan restaurant in Orange County, it was a fun evening and we introduced a lot of our friends to fine vegan dining. We continued the celebration at Cap Maison a beautiful resort in St. Lucia with a few friends.

Cap Maison

Cap Maison

This year we will have a quiet evening together, reflecting on the past year and making plans for 2013. Birthdays are special and I always do something for everybody’s birthday. Growing up I had a party when I was 6, a slumber party at 12, and that was the extent of my partying and I have been making up ever since! I love entertaining and a birthday is a perfect excuse.


What is your favorite way to celebrate birthdays?



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