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I find that it takes me so much longer to pull myself together. When I was younger I would just get up, dab a little gloss, a bit of mascara and I was on my way. I could throw anything on and look pretty cute, no matter where the item came from…hmmmmm fast forward to 2016 and it is a different story.

Here are some of my tips that help me to look not so disheveled.

1 Plan your outfit the night before. I don’t have a closet like this…

I need a closet like this...

I need a closet like this…

matter of fact I have stuff in various closets in various rooms. So I have to pull stuff out ahead of time to put an outfit together. On a side note this is an app that I have on my phone that helps with this. Check it out Stylebook.

2 Face it at my age I need time to pull it together. Even though I wear my hair natural, I still have to manipulate it and sometimes even wet it before going out and that takes time. And I have to put some makeup on…I don’t care what I eat, how much water I drink I need a little makeup on…

3 I’m always looking for inspiration to make my old stuff look new and fresh again. Most trends I have already seen at least twice- the key is making it look age appropriate and still keeping with my style and not looking dated. I love this app called Texture where you have access to numerous magazines right on your device.

4 Dress for where you are going- know what will work, but still be “you”. Nothing worse than wearing something too sexy in a room full of conservative suits…been there before- know the dress code but then tweak it and make it you.

5 Undergaments- I don’t care if you are a size “0” or “20”, proper shape wear is a must, makes such a difference.

6 Wear clothes that fit and flatter the you of today. If it does not get rid of it…just because you paid a lot for it, if it does not look good and make you feel wonderful- time to toss or give it away.

7 Have a few investment pieces- you will get your monies worth in the amount of times you wear or use the item.

8 Take care of your clothes, hand wash, dry clean, hang everything up right away- you will be rewarded with many years of wear from your wardrobe.

9 Plan your shoes, nothing worse than being somewhere and your feet are hurting.

10 Follow your own style. When I was younger I always wanted the “it” shoe, bag etc., but now I want what makes me feel good and what fits my lifestyle, regardless of what is trending. I’m getting to a point where I like almost everything in my closet, it has been a painful process letting go, but it feels good.

What is your take on fashion? What makes you feel good when you get dressed. How has your look evolved over the years?

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