How to line envelopes with wrapping paper

There is something about walking to the mailbox collecting the routine bills, penny saver, real estate mailers etc., and then surprise- a beautiful invitation. In our social media world, we have all received some form of an email invitation. These are certainly convenient and fun and can be sent out in a matter of minutes, but nothing replaces a “real” invitation. A more formal celebration calls for a traditional paper invitation.

Why line?

1. Weight- A lined envelope feels heavier to the recipient and special.

2. Appearance- I love using liners to add another color, texture or sparkle to the envelope.

3. Simple- It’s Pretty!

I’m going to share with you an inexpensive way to line your own envelopes. I ordered invitations for my daughter’s graduation party from fine stationary and wanted to save a little (160.00) by lining my own envelopes.

my invitations

My Invitations

My plain envelopes

My plain envelopes

You will need scissors, glue stick, brown paper bag, and gift wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrapping Paper

I found this paper at TJ Maxx for 3.99. I wanted something with a sparkle. I made a template by tracing the envelope on the paper bag and then I cut it out.

paper bag template

paper bag template

trace template on paper

trace template on wrapping paper

Cut out liners.

cut out liners

Cut out liners

Carefully insert the liner inside of the envelope, you may have to trim a little if the liner does not fit perfectly

insert liner

Insert liner

Once liner is inserted, fold envelope to form a crease, and then use glue stick to glue top part of the liner to the envelope.



If you have a lot of envelopes to line, invite a few friends over to help and spend the time catching up.

Finished envelopes

Finished Envelopes

I picked up some wicked leopard print gift wrap and can’t wait to use it on my next project, I’m a leo and it would be perfect to line some note card envelopes or perhaps some invites for a little soiree.







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