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Since yoga is an important part of my life, even my logo “girl” is in a yoga pose, I thought I’d share a little about my “yoga story”. I’ve had an on again off again affair with yoga for the past 3 years. This  lastest tryst started last November, I went to a class with my friend Teresa, that had live music, an incredible teacher named Cindy, and I fell in love with yoga all over again. Something magical happened that night that had not happened before. Cindy conveyed the yoga teachings in a way that resonated with me in a spiritual way. Prior, I had always thought of yoga as just another workout. The class was mat to mat and the room was steamy hot, I struggled in the class, which was a fast paced vinyasa flow, staying about 2 poses behind. When I left  I felt this sense of well being, I had a glow from within.

November 2011

Magical November Class 2011

During this time, I experienced an epiphany of sorts. I had went for my annual physical and had a bone density test which revealed that I have osteoporosis. I felt like a bomb had been dropped on me, all I could think about was little old bent over ladies. My doctor wanted to put me on drugs for my new found condition right away. I continued to go to yoga, at times crying in class, but due to the sweat factor no one even noticed. Yoga was a place I could go, and for that hour and a half, I was receptive, vulnerable and open to receiving the strength I needed to go forward. At first I agreed to take the medicines, until I did some research and read about the potential side effects of these drugs. In doing so I discovered that there had been some studies on yoga and osteoporosis and that yoga was beneficial for my condition. I believe the universe connected me with yoga for a reason. If we really listen to our bodies closely we will discover what we need to keep them running smoothly.

10 Reasons I love yoga.

1. I sleep really good.

2. A free facial included with each class.

3. Cute yoga pants that keep you “honest”.

4. Stronger-I can do push-ups as a result of so many chaturangas.

5. Flexible-I can stretch my body and I feel “taller”.

6. Connection with my breath-this helps me in all my other workouts.

7. Inner peace-after yoga nothing bothers me anymore. 

8. Problems solved-solutions come to me during class.

9. In touch with my “authentic self”, which enables me to speak my mind-no time for BS.

10. Sharing yoga with my husband and now he is a yogi.

Tadasana Festival

Tadasana Festival

Yoga is now a permanent part of my life, I can practice anywhere. Hopefully you will be fortunate to practice with a teacher who will inspire you and like a parent “raise” you to love the practice and eventually be on your own to practice.  Currently I practice with Cindy Fernandez, Purple Yoga and various other studios around the southland.

Do you practice?



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