love this

love this

I love Valentine’s Day. I’m a true romantic. I love all things pink and red, sparkly & glittery, lacy and black, sweet and chocolaty, roses and orchids, perfumes and creams and of course sexy stilettos. After 24 years of marriage it would be easy to treat Valentine’s Day like any other day. We always surprise each other with something or a destination…I have a little something planned and I am looking forward to celebrating with the one I love.

Gigi & Reggie

Gigi & Reggie

Here are a few tips on keeping that Valentine feeling year round–

1. Never ever stop dating.

2. Smile upon greeting one another.

3. Be willing to forgive.

4. Continue to “love” like you did in the beginning…

5. Sacrifice for each other.

6.Be real and authentic

7. Compromise.

8. spend quiet time together.

9. Be a cheerleader for each other…

10. Honesty and consideration.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day…If you are solo do something special for yourself.



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