Happy Halloween


Muse Costume Ball

Happy Halloween!

This evening Reggie and I are going to the Muse Costume Ball at LACMA, thanks to my friend Denise.  I am scrabbling today to put a costume together for the party. I don’t think I will know anybody there so perhaps I will go all out fantasy mode. I promise to post pics. Halloween in the past consisted of giving out candy and trick or treating with the kids. This will be our first “adult” Halloween party. While meandering around the web looking for inspiration for a costume, I came across these interesting items. 


This hallowed out pumpkin can be used for icing drinks, fall floral arrangement or for serving a nice colorful fall salad, which is what I am going to do for an event this Friday.

Mini Pies

Love these little pumpkin pies, I am going to make mini sweet potato pies with my mom’s recipe.


Fall Flowers

Have a happy safe Halloween!



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