Gratitude: Gigi’s tips for having a good Thanksgiving


This is one of my favorite holidays. There are no real expectations other than getting together with family and friends. We divide our time between my family and Reggie’s family, bringing some sort of vegan dish to both events. Here are some tips for making your day memorable.

1. Start you day with a workout. This is a day when the best of us have a tendency to go overboard. We like to start our day with  a “Turkey Trot”, most cities have them, just do a google search. A 5K is doable for the whole family, or do a run/walk around your neighborhood.

Turkey Trot

2. Be Gracious. This is not a time to complain about anything. Reggie and I are vegan and my family eats EVERYTHING ie. turkey, ham etc., a traditional Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings, we just survey the selections and pick out the veggies we can eat, a sort of “don’t ask don’t tell” meal. We can have our vegan fare anytime.

Thanksgiving Dinner

3. Engage with your family and friends, turn the phone to airplane mode, and leave the other devices at home. Be present in the moment, catch up with those family members that you may not see as often.

No Cell Phone or Devices

4. Help The host, offer to wash dishes, serve etc. if you are hosting let your guest help especially if they offer.

5. Mingle with everybody.

6. Pack the camera but just take candids, this is not a time for arranged photos. Now that I consider myself a photographer this one really applies to me, I will take a nice formal pic of Reggie’s parents who are 85 years young, and my mom who just turned 81 the rest will be candids.

Photographer Gigi

7. Remember Thanksgiving is only once a year.

8. If you are driving somewhere, allow for traffic, everyone is going to somebody’s home, be safe.

9. Dress comfortable. Where a pretty flat, some leggings and a comfy sweater, something you can wear and curl up on the floor and relax in. If you are hosting have a pretty apron to wear, Anthropologie has beautiful vintage aprons.


Cute Look from Anthropologie

Thanksgiving outfit from Anthropologie

10. Indulge, Laugh and have Fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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