holiday survival

holiday survival

The holidays, why typically a time of joy for many, it can be  a time of sadness for some, whether it is your favorite Starbucks drink now being served in the signature red festive cup, or  holiday decorations in all the store windows, the season is here. It is easy to get caught up in the hype, the pressure to buy this or that, every day there is some promotion going on, first call, anniversary sale, last call, online promo etc.. Then there are the invitations or lack of invitations, the extra rich food, your workout goes cray cray, and by January everything is snug just in time for the gym promotions and New Year resolutions, it is the same cycle year after year.

No, I’m not the scrooge, I absolutely love the holidays, you just have to balance, and do what is best for you and your family, and not get overwhelmed. Stay focused and celebrate in a manner that suits your life and those that are important. Figure out what the holiday looks like for you and don’t get pulled in by what others are doing. If your family dynamics have changed, newly divorced, newly married, happily single, new baby, recent passing of a family member, kids away, different sides of your family to deal with,  etc. figure out what you want to do instead of trying to please all the parties that be…

This holiday is the first one we will not be all together. Reggie and I are going to Italy to visit Reggie ll and Amani is working in New York-so it will be a different holiday for my family.

Gigi’s Holiday Survival Guide

1. Stay healthy-make a commitment to stay on your workout program, if you are not exercising START NOW. 

2. Eat and be Merry-Have a “eating plan” to balance the extra parties, if you have an event, eat light during the day,make good choices so you won’t be sorry later.

3. Hydrate- Hydrate, especially if you indulge in libations, between the change in the weather, “heat”  and air conditioning, all of these things wreck havoc on your face.

4. Holiday Frocks- Shop your closet and see what works or can be repurposed before running out and buying another “party dress”.

5. Gifting-make some DIY gifts, ie. food items, crafts,  or giving of yourself ie. offer babysitting or prepare a meal-get creative.

6. Budget-keep an eye on the bottom line-be wary of filling up the cart at the big stores ie. Costco, Sam’s etc..

7. Decor- use what you have…many years ago I got into the trap of buying decorations every year to the tune of now having a storage that desperately needs to be emptied and shut down. I now collect a few ornaments when I travel and reuse my tried and true.

8. Kids- keep the kids grounded and have them do something to give back-voluteer at a food bank etc.

9. Create- Some special traditions for you and your family- 

10. YOU- Don’t forget to schedule your “ME” time, whether it is beauty appointments, massage, spa, special workout–just remember at this time of year it is easy to neglect your own needs..

Obligations- let some go- Do you really have to go to that? You may have to say “no” sometimes. And most of all have fun and make memories and record them with your camera-so you can look back and smile.

Happy Thursday,




"Main" Tree last year

“Main” Tree last year



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