Gigi’s Meanderings Around the Web #8

My life is finally settling down a bit, and I will be able to post  regularly. I am realizing the older I get, the faster time goes by. Tonight we celebrated my husband’s birthday with some dear friends, btw his birthday was January 7 it took almost 5 months to make it happen.  I question are we really that busy? I decided moving forward I am going to make time to do the simple nothings that I enjoy ie. make raw vegan ice cream, curl up with a good book, pull out my knitting, work in my garden, work on my blog and just take time and slow way down.

I love perusing around the web checking out interesting tidbits. A little of what I discovered so far this week.  I love Luther Vandross and miss him so much. I was amazed when I came across this sweet boy.

Yes. A public school goes all VEGETARIAN! My husband is 7th Day Adventist and attended Adventist schools which were all vegetarian. This is major. Check it out here.

Do you meditate? I have never sat down formally and done “it”, but I want to start.

Love this bike rack …

Not sure if I would like this, interesting combo though.

Nice teen activity.

Interesting article, especially if you are a parent. “He could be my son”

I’m a Scandal fan, but I know this show is popular as well “Downtown Abby” I may have to check it out.

I am a beauty junkie. I have so many products a person could go in my bathroom and come out with a new identity. I love hair products, skin care, make up etc.. I have been reading about BB creams and CC creams, but after this article perhaps it is not something that would work for me.

One more thing take a moment and think about the things that really matter to you.





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