Gigi’s Meanderings Around the Web #5

Just a little of this and little of that from around the web.

Confession-my friends and I back in college memorized many of Richard Pryor’s jokes. Happy Birthday Richard Pryor.

I love LBD’s…Check out this selection, I think I need to add to mine.

Many years ago Reggie and I did this. I’m going to do it again this holiday-the fragrance is incredible.

I love dinner parties, but could they soon become a relic from the past? What do you think about this piece?

This is amazing!

Last night went to the movies and saw SkyFall–loved it. This would make a nice gift for a Bond fan.

I am really getting into instagram. This is something I am going to do.

Always looking for something interesting to see.

This is nice. I still enjoy snail mail.

Do these scream holiday or what?

Happy Monday,







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