Gigi’s Meanderings Around The Web #4

A little of this and that from around the web…

I’m taking a photoshop class and this you tube sums it up…

Another reason I am taking photoshop check this out.

I had no clue that Lenny Kravitz was an interior designer, I’m impressed .

Neiman Marcus & Target December 1, just in time.

I love this song…can’t get it out of my head.

Charlotte Olympia Leaf shoe

Scored these at Neiman Marcus Last Call-doing the happy dance additional 30% off all designer shoes…I love beautiful things, but I rarely ever pay retail. I have learned that everything eventually gets marked down. My friend Vince at Neiman Marcus Last Call Ontario Mills always lets me know when the good stuff arrives. Check him out the next time you are in the Inland Empire. Ontario Mills 1 Mills Circle Ontario 909 919-2748 M-S 10-9 Sun. 11-8

Neiman Marcus Last Call Ontario Mills

This weekend I will be in Santa Barbara. Have a wonderful weekend.




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