Gigi’s Meanderings around the Web # 16

Always wanted to go here, and today I did…had a really good juice.

Central Market

Central Market

I see why makeup “you tubes” can be addicting…came upon this one, love the look.

Yes. I am condensing stuff, and not shopping as often, appreciating what I have, but I would like pair of these.

Speaking of shopping I love love love a good deal, so of course I was thrilled to score these boots at the Last Call at 70% off, especially since they are in the store at full price.

Being a girl who has always a lot of junk in the trunk, I’m always intrigued with the attention the media spends on “butts” check out this piece on “posteriors”.

Love this look for a Cali fall day.

Cali day look

Cali day look

Saw Choir Boy, by Tarrell McCraney it is a must see. Read about it here.

Equilizer- definitely a “boy” movie, but it was Denzel Washington.

This time I will keep up with my workouts…starting back is so so hard, but if you are wearing a pair of these I’m sure the workout will seem easier.

Love my garden…still have collards, peppers, tomatoes, herbs and squash that is taking over everything.


collards -gigi’s garden

Happy Tuesday,




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