Gigis Meanderings Around the Web #14

Yesterday was a nonstop marathon of a day…starting at 6:00 am ending at 11:30pm, driving from OC, to Pasadena, to Hollywood, to LA and finally back home. So needless to say I was and am exhausted, but wanted to share a few tidbits.

Will be incorporating a few of these routines “12 quiet rituals of enormously successful humans“.

Yes I am a fashion buff I can’t even imagine having an interview with Anna Wintour never mind what to wear…

Love this Quote…I admit I am guilty of hoarding stuff and sometimes buying to many unnecessary things ie. the big packs of velvet hangers at TJ Maxx. I constantly need reminders to keep me on point.



Loving this man’s voice:

Another quote that I love…



This is a post from my friend’s daughter Kara Brown via Jezebel “most Poignant photo of Michelle Obama”.

Well I wish I had more time but my “boss” is waiting… XOXO, GIGI

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