Gigi’s Meanderings Around the Web # 12

Scandal @ Saks

Scandal @ Saks

I’ve been so busy lately-focusing on 54 Couture, I have not been nosing around the web, but here are a few tidbits I discovered. As you may or may not know I am a Scandal fan, and I cannot wait to watch the new one tonight. Well I guess Saks Fifth Avenue is a fan as well, the windows are filled with mannequins of the Scandal crew decked out is fashions that of course can be purchased.

Scandal @ Saks

Scandal @ Saks

Yesterday I was in the city (LA) yes I live in the burbs and I make it my business to go into  LA a couple of times a week, usually with my eyes open, observing the world around me…so I enter this boutique and I am greeted with this sign that is so apropos.

cute sign

cute sign

I think everybody knows I’m a “kitty” person, but after watching this video, maybe just maybe I could have a change of heart. Fall in love with these Corgi pups.

Interesting study about when women feel most unattractive, so that companies could tap into the “feeling ugly” market. Monday is the day women feel most unattractive according to the study, I thought about this–my “ugly” usually is Thursday, day before I usually do my hair, especially if I have been working out hard  all week my hair is jacked by then. Read it here.

More than half the women in this country are a size 14 and above, there is a contest for companies to compete for a chance to have their business compete to have a commercial during Super Bowl. Curvy Girl Lingerie is in the running, read about it here and vote.

I found this piece interesting and insightful “15 things every woman over 50 should Own” I especially like the one about having a professional portrait…

And finally I am going to end with my Facebook post from yesterday:

Grab a Big piece of Life today…and Hold on to it like theres no Tomorrow…





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