Excuse Me Weight, Don’t Go So Quickly

Wait, Weight

Don’t go so quickly at least say good bye.

I’ll miss you and never forget you.

Always Love,


Springtime is the time of year that I like to kick start my fitness program- bump it up a bit. The weather is nicer and the Cali version of winter clothes can be put away. Having a July birthday I always make that my goal date to accomplish some measure of change. Sometimes I’ll try a new workout or do a yoga challenge, sign up for a triathlon or just do more of the same but bump up the frequency or the intensity.

Chair Pose

Chair Pose

I started doing a lot of yoga before my big “50” birthday and still enjoy it and have made it part of my life.

My First Tri

My First Tri

Did my first triathlon a couple of years ago. Really like the challenge of doing three sports and would like to do another.

LA Marathon 1998

LA Marathon 1998

Started running around my big “40” birthday, did 4 marathons and now run occasionally, not my favorite activity, but I know it is good for me.

Although weight loss is not the goal it is always lurking in the shadows, that magic number, whether it is a pre-pregancy weight, or weight before marriage or weight at a certain age-most of us have that number that we like to see at our annual doctor visit. Weight is not usually our friend. We are not happy when it comes around, we try to ignore it but it keeps coming regardless. As I get more mature or older I find that this “weight” tries to come around more often landing in random places. Perhaps it is hormonal, or metabolism changing, not really sure, but as my friend Angie says “We ain’t going out like that!” It is easy to let “weight” be your new friend, to welcome her and be hospitable and let her hang around until she becomes a permanent part of you. As difficult as it may seem you have to kick “weight” out, put her on the street and realize it is not a healthy relationship and she will bring you down.

Do you find “weight” trying to creep up on you? Do you find your body being deceitful and hiding weight? Do you care about the scale or do you only worry if your clothes start fitting a little snug? What is your spring training regime? Or are you one of those year round warriors? Share What strategies work for you keeping weight under control and “checking it at the door” when needed.

I will be keeping you posted in the next few months on my program.




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