Do you feel good enough?



Do you feel good enough? In your profession? In your personal relationships? In your life?

We are in a world where it is easy to feel as though you are constantly being judged. Judged about everything- your appearance, your weight, your clothing, home, car, partner, education, children, the list goes on and on.



In my profession, photography, your work is constantly being judged. We live in a visual society, where we are bombarded nonstop with images. Instagram & pinterest are leading social media with the imagery that is posted every second.

I can’t help, that I too get caught up in the competition game of judging work of other photographers, or images I see in magazines.¬†Fortunately, I quickly am able to put things in perspective and continue to work on me and where I am on my creative journey.

To stay on track and keep the negatively at bay, that can sneak up on you- here are a few tips on keeping those negative vibes at bay..

1 Remember your journey is just that “yours”- work on you and don’t worry about “them”.

2 Everything happens for a reason. I have to believe there is a reason I began my professional photography career in my 50’s.

3 Find and maintain your own inner happiness. There is always going to be someone “better”, “richer”, “skinnier” etc., whatever that thing is that gets under your skin, trust me, there is someone out there doing it.

4 Everyday you rise, choose happiness over negativity.

5 Work daily on your goals- you will make progress little by little.

6 Don’t get stuck in the “what ifs”- Just Do it!”

7 Be passionate about life and your pursuits.

8 If you want something bad enough you will figure out a way to make it happen.

9 You are stronger that what you think you are- you can overcome obstacles that may be troubling you now.

10 Never stop trying- your setbacks will make you stronger.

What makes you feel “not good enough?” How do you deal with those feelings? I ‘d love to know.

Happy Tuesday!





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