Do You Collect Anything?

tea cup collection

tea cup collection

I admit, I have hoarder tendencies. I accumulate stuff, I’m getting better, slowly getting rid of things that no longer serve me. Hoarders love collecting, it’s sort of an excuse to gather more things. I have a collection of tea cups,  decorative pitchers, elephants, pins, shoes, jewelry, christmas ornaments from around the world, and  All Gods children figurines, most of which were broken by my kids.

My other problem, when I decide to take up something new, whether a new sport, or hobby, I feel as if I need everything for that activity, for example when I was swimming, I got numerous “professional swimsuits”, fins, goggles, hand paddles, special conditioner for the pool, a variety of swim caps, an after swim coverup, a special backpack only for swimming, wetsuit and special body wash just for post swimming. I did the same thing with yoga, biking, capoeira, knitting, painting, gardening, etc. you get it, so fast forward almost 30 years…I have a lot of SHIT! I know when I leave this earth my kids are going to have the biggest yard sale…neither one of them have this tendency, nor does Reggie-he is a minimalist, which is a good thing.

So what sorts of things do you collect? Am I the only hoarder out there? I ‘d love to know…

Happy Tuesday.



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