Came across this video and wanted to share it with everyone…when you have those moments when you feel you just can’t get it together, think about this piece and what are your blocks.. I’m distracted by random things instead of staying on point and I am good at making “lists” of things to do tomorrow.

I have problems with being consistent, which takes me off my plan of action. After watching this video, I called my friend and we did our 3 mile hill hike. I always feel wonderful after a workout and I know all the benefits, but sometimes it just does not happen.

I know some of us have the problem of not being consistent because we are perfectionists and that can be a block as well. I was at a seminar last week and the speaker said “Perfectionism is fear in expensive clothes”  I thought about that for a moment and how I admire those individuals that appear to be perfectionists, since I am not, and I realized that a lot of perfectionists have the same problem I have with consistency- not finishing the task because it is never good enough, or never taking a risk for fear it will not be perfect.



Today I got a late start and hence a late blog post today…but I’m learning I want to be CONSISTENT and that is what is important, little steps in the right direction.

Have a wonderful weekend-





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