Being on the planet for more than half a century there have been people I have come in contact with that have inspired me and encouraged me to grow as an individual. Some of them are still in my life and some are not.

Change is a part of life and our growth as human beings. It is not always comfortable, matter of fact it can be painful at times. Part of this life journey is getting places we want to go. Setting goals and having a vision is only one part, you have to execute and follow through. Recently everyday I have been writing my elevate and execute tasks down in a notebook and it has really helped my productivity- like writing my blog daily again.

Figure out who you are and focus on your talents, no matter what your age is or where you are in your life journey it is never to late to explore another path. Limit your time with those individuals who feel they are superior to you the ones who you would like approval from, but sometimes these are the ones that will never see you as “good enough”.  I have run into photographers in my short career that love telling me how much I don’t know… I limit my interaction with those types in exchange for those photographers who are willing to share and inspire me.

As this month is rapidly coming to an end, I am embracing some changes in my personal and business life. I’m excited and will be sharing changes here as they develop.

Who or what  inspires you?

Btw if you are looking for a great book to read this summer check out the book my club is reading here.

Those of you that really know me – know that I am a cat woman- check these dolce gabbana cat-ture dresses out…and yes I would wear one of these-lol

IMG_1699-0.png IMG_1700-0.png

cat dresses

cat dresses

Happy Monday!




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