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gigi before & after

gigi before & after

As you all know, I am passionate about my craft, I love waking up each day and capturing images that move me or make me chuckle. Sometimes it is something silly like a sign that has a double meaning.

tj maxx

tj maxx

Or this guy “rock climbing” the wall at Starbucks…

rock climbing...

rock climbing…

Although I love taking pictures, getting in front of the camera, now that’s a different story. Yes, I do take lots of pics of myself, but there are many you don’t see, you know the ones you “delete” right away. For the most part, I’m in control of most of the shots, I “pass” the camera to one of the Reggies, and tell them how to take the pic.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to be the subject, so I could see what a client  feels like when a big lens is staring in their face. First thing I realized, being photographed is humbling, your whole person is being viewed by another, and you can’t help but to think about all your perceived imperfections. At first I felt vulnerable, exposed in a way, I was worrying about my hair, thinking about was my mascara to clumpy or did my body look weird and a host of other silly thoughts.  I’m sure it may be different for actors, and models who are always in front of the camera, but I am speaking for those of us that can count the times on one hand that we have had our portrait done, and I am not counting the family photo shoots. We all have our “stuff” when it comes to being photographed–“my butt is fat”, ” I don’t like my arms” or “my stomach” the list goes on and on.

So after about the first 15 shots, I began to relax and trust my friend and take her direction, and soon I was feeling as if I was on America’s Next Top “Old” Model, it was actually fun. I let go and quieted the little voice in my head, embraced “me” and accepted this was who I was at that moment and it was OK. We are bombarded by photoshopped images every day, so we can’t help but to develop a warped sense of what we “think” we should look like. We all want to feel BEAUTIFUL. Many of us don’t even take pictures at all, which is sad, because one day you will look back and there will be periods of your life where you have no images just a fleeting memory.

While I love photographing families, my heart is shooting women, I love finding that sparkle in women who have been on the planet for a while, and have lived a little, those that may not have a perfect, perky 22 year-old-body, but there is something that comes through those eyes, a connection, and when that happens I am delighted. Offering an experience for women, where for a couple hours they can feel like an A-lister, and I can capture something special, my work is done and I am happy. Stay tuned…

my logo...


Gigi After

Gigi After


Happy Friday-Have a good weekend! And BE-YOU-TIFUL!




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