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I’m back on the mat and I’m starting to regain my balance. Over the years I have had an off and on again relationship with yoga. Once I’m at the studio, everything is fine, it’s my happy place, its the getting there that sometimes can be a challenge, especially with vinyasa hot yoga the practice that I like. Doing hot yoga, I have to drive a little ways to the studio, I have to shower, address the hair, get out of my soaking wet clothes, its a lot of steps to incorporate my practice in my life. It helps having a husband who will go with me a couple of time a week, he sees the benefits as well.


Why do I like yoga? Of course as I get older, I want to remain flexible. I like the challenge of the flow, doing or attempting to do the postures. I like the feeling of being drenched midway through the class. I like the rhythm of my breath as I inhale and exhale.

Chair Pose

Gigi yoga

But more than the physical practice I like the spirituality, the self reflection I get from my practice. I am able to tap into my authentic self, stuff that would normally annoy me doesn’t when I am practicing on a regular basis. I’m honest. I’m able to see things differently, rise above the craziness, and pay attention to what really matters.

My practice is not about getting into a complex pretzel poses, or headstands, it is about  being good enough for me- listening to my body everyday I get on my mat. Not having any judgement and most importantly allowing me to be present for others.

Do you practice yoga? What brings you peace?

Love these mats




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