Are You In Love?

Valentine’s Day is a few days away, candy, flowers and gifts will be exchanged between loved ones. February 14th became associated with love during the middle ages, it was believed that the middle of the month was the beginning of the birds mating season hence a day for romance.

I will celebrate 27 years of marriage this year and  if I add the 2 years we dated prior, I have known Reggie for 29 years! So my question is how do you know you are still in love and it’s not just a “habit” like a job you are working just for the benefits?

Well here is my little list that the fairy tale is still magical.

1 You both understand and accept each others weirdness – i.e. the only 2 peeps not paying close attention to the Super Bowl and happy to be at home doing other randomness.

2 You can see each other really “raw” i.e. first thing in the morning when my hair is looking “Don Kingish” and he still thinks I’m cute, and I can see him coloring his mustache…

3 You still make plans for Valentine’s Day and you actually want to be with each other- not just going through the motions.

4 You are planning for when you are really old and what that looks like for the 2 of you.

5 You are happy when you are together, and mundane things i.e. driving to Lancaster (2 hour drive) to see an emergency patient…are fun.

6 You offer each other the last bite of something really good.

7 You try stuff that you normally would have no interest in doing i.e. triathlons, marathons, hot yoga, windsurfing, paddle boarding, zip lining, white water rafting, camping, cooking classes, korean spas, foreign films etc.

8 Your diet becomes his and vice versa- you go from eating everything to pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian/vegan, juice fasts, gluten free, etc.

9 You are interested in what the other person is doing and become their biggest supporter and sometimes only client…i.e delivering brownies, going to trade shows, modeling for photog class, etc.

10 You still want to sleep in the same bed…same room-same house.

11 You love traveling together and look forward to vacation.

12  You send “sexy” pics “sexting” even though the other person does not know how to work their smart phone that well…and will discover the picture days later not sure where it came from.

13 You could tell the person that you want to be an astronaut and the next thing you know you would be on the way to NASA for training.

14 You think about if something happened to the person and you instantly become sad at the thought of being without them.

15 In a crisis that person is the one who comforts you-

16 If you were sick, bedridden and could not go to the bathroom etc. you know that person would be there for you.

17 You have a best friend that you get to sleep with every night-

18 And, lastly you are a better person because of them.

Happy Tuesday! Are you in Love? Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? Regardless- if you have a sweetheart or not- celebrate by loving yourself and doing something special.



25 years later July 23, 2014

25 years later July 23, 2014

Hubby Reggie

Hubby Reggie





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