For myself, this weekend will be one spent with my mother and son at Grandparents weekend at his school. My in-laws were unable to make it do this this horrific flu, and at 89 you have to be careful. I will take lots of pictures to capture and freeze the moments of my mom and son. I’m at an age where my mom and most of my friends parents are creeping into their 80’s, it is certainly a reminder of the circle of life. I can’t help but to think about the aging process and how will I fare, not just the physicality but my health which is the critical piece. Will my obsession with yoga and a vegan lifestyle really make a difference? Will I let my hair go totally white like my mom’s one day? What will my “80” look like?



This quote pretty much sums up my thoughts on age. While I know I will never be “22” or “35” or “40” again, I can be the best me and embrace whatever that looks like. Will I dabble in cosmetic options ie. botox, fillers etc.? Not sure, I do look and the mirror some days and I sigh, and some times I look in the mirror and think, I’m doing okay.

While I don’t think there is some secret formula for anti-aging I do think a person’s mindset and attitude has a lot to do with aging. When you start to settle in to the “I’m to old for this or that” or “I used to do that when I was younger” that is when that cross over takes place and you wake up one day and you are suddenly in the state of “OLD”. Continue to explore passions and try new things, browse in “Forever 21” try a new hair do, don’t be afraid to “change up”.

Here are my anti-aging tips:

1. EXERCISE EXERCISE AND EXERCISE! there is no way around this one…if you don’t want things to start shifting in a weird way, exercise is the key. I love yoga for the stretching, relaxation, and since I practice hot yoga the added benefit of a facial. Cardio and weight training are also important and just making each day active, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking far away and walking, jumping up and down in the house just because.




DIET DIET AND DIET is just as important as exercising. I do vegan with as much “raw vegan” as possible, and I juice most days. I buy everything fresh and stay away from processed food. I prefer food in its original state.

fruits and veggies

fruits and veggies

3. REST REST AND REST yes I have to get my sleep, preferably 8 hours.

4. HYDRATE HYDRATE AND HYDRATE I drink lots and lots of water. I can wake up and look in the mirror and know if I did not drink enough water the day before.

5. SPIRITUALITY-having a faith base in something that keeps you grounded, something that you believe in-this is so important. You need that internal peace that comforts you.

Now for the extras:

1. Creams and such–don’t know if they make a difference but I slather lots on morning and night

2. Sex-do it!

3. Massages-no explanation needed

4. Hair color-even if you are embracing your grey, make it sparkle

5. Passions-keep exploring new things

6. Friendships-relationships are enriching in so many ways…

7. Make-Up- yes it makes a difference

8. Fragrance-oils, perfumes whatever you like.

9. Outfits- that make you feel fabulous.

10. Pretty shoes-not orthopedic and “tennis” shoes are for working out…

11. SMILE-be happy, control your stress, and find the good in everything and everyone…

Happy Weekend!





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