About Me

About Me  

Welcome to my blog! Join me as I share my thoughts on living a good life, searching for those simple things that make each day memorable. I love finding creative ways to obtain and experience luxurious pleasures in life.

My name is Gervel, most of you will know me as Gigi. I live in a small “Ozzie and Harriet” town outside of Los Angeles proper, with my husband Reggie, son Reggie ll and sometimes my college coed daughter Amani.

What I love: Not in any particular order.

pretty shoes- preferably sparkly and high, yoga mostly “hot”, imported magazines, tea lattes with rice milk, gourmet raw vegan food, the color coral, skiing in fresh powder, mini triathlons, cats, music- especially world, fragrant roses and fruit trees, beautiful bathrooms, traveling, strategic shopping, hosting parties just because, writing notes on beautiful paper, hair products, perfume current favorite Serge Lutens, museums, coffee table books, taking time to watch the sunset, farmers markets, foreign films, and vibrant green juice.

Please contact me anytime, I love connecting.

I can be reached at gigismeanderings@gmail.com



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