A Slip

Yesterday was a full day. Like most days my morning started early. By noon I was desperately trying to score Beyonce tickets with no avail, which is okay- I was only trying to do it for my daughter.

I drove into the city to meet a friend at the Pan African film festival, which was fabulous. I know in another life I was a filmmaker. We saw about 15 shorts, and like Siskel and Ebert we were giving them our own thumbs up thumbs down review.

We finished the evening at Post & Beam, Govind Armstrong’s restaurant, with good conversation, wine, dinner and lots of laughs about the past.

with chef Govind Armstrong

with chef Govind Armstrong

Timing was perfect to pick up Reggie from the office, which I did. So here is where things changed, he drove up to our home, parked in the driveway and I got out of the car like I have done for the past 27 years. I went to the mailbox, and next thing I know like a cartoon I fell, not almost fall where you catch yourself, but the kind of fall where your purse goes one way and your body is slammed against the concrete. All I could think about was that I was jacked!

the fall

the fall

With my osteoporosis, what if I broke my hip…Still for a moment as Reggie came to help me, I slowly got up and limped to the house barefoot. My hips were fine, I guess all the padding protected them. I immediately started the process and elevated and iced both ankles, which was where the most trauma was evident.

As I reflect on my fall, this morning I think about how that could have been a real disaster, reminding me of how life is fragile and fleeting and will slip right from under you literally. I need to SLOW down and be aware of my environment and stop trying to do it all every moment- and ween myself from those DAMN heels!!!

Happy Wednesday from a bruised but otherwise okay Gigi

IMG_7522.JPG IMG_7519.JPG

the shoe...

the shoe…

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