What gets you excited about life? Finding your passion is like finding the love of your life. You may have some false starts, a divorce, a second  or third marriage, a live in lover, or maybe you are still searching, and  that is okay. When you find it, you will know and there will be no doubt.

Photography is my passion! I love what I do- there is something magical about documenting a moment, a smile, a connection in someone’s life- or snapping a stranger on the street and looking at that photo later and being moved for some reason.



Once you find your true calling, it is always there. My passion warms my soul and gives my life purpose. I wake up thinking about something photography related everyday. I drive around and I’m always distracted by something on the street that I want to photograph, and next thing I know I’m taking a detour.

I’m so fortunate to have a supportive partner, who gets it, one that has made it possible for me to make my passion a reality with no restriction. Without my husband Reggie none of what I’m doing would be possible.

Finding your passion does not mean you have found your nirvana, it is a growing process, that at times you will question, like when I don’t have a client for weeks, or I can’t master that lighting like Annie Leibovitz. But then there are those days when you put a woman in a ball gown, and she transforms into a princess and you know you have changed her life, watching her discover her beauty that she had been discounting for the past years, because society told her that middle aged women are not beautiful. I shoot for those moments.

If you too are fortunate enough to have found your passion, be willing to share and give to others. Be willing to inspire someone else in their journey.

And if you have not found your passion, don’t give up, like me perhaps you will finally find it in your 50’s and that is okay, just as long as you find it and embrace the process and let it seduce you…

What are you passionate about? How and when did you discover your passion? Are you still searching for your passion?

Happy Tuesday!




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