Remembering 9-11

Acknowledging all those that lost their lives…I remember that morning like yesterday, it was my son’s first day of pre-school and I was upset because of something that had happened in the classroom and then quickly I put it all in perspective. Life has never been the same in our country.

Those of you that have been stopping by, know I am passionate about photography. I close my eyes thinking about it and wake up grabbing my camera excited about what I’m going to capture any given day. My kids get annoyed with me at times…”Can’t we just do what we are doing? Why do you have to take a picture?”. I am the family history documenting everything, I know one day they will thank me.

My favorite subjects are women, I love shooting “regular” ladies ie. women that perhaps have not been photographed since graduation or perhaps their wedding day and giving them a transformative experience like an A lister, professional makeup, wardrobe tips, a pampering session directing them and the outcome being extraordinary images. Beauty portraiture inspired by fashion magazine styled sessions, photographing women of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors-finding the beauty in all of them.

I’ve been tossing around names trying to come up with something that feels right for my new venture. Drum roll please…

I think I am going to go with “54 Couture”. Of course you all know “54” is my current age, a number that symbolizes my own transformation. I know I did not want to go with Gervel Sampson photography etc. and my friend Elsy suggested “54 couture” and I really like it. So my friends stay tuned for more info as “54 Couture” evolves. Here is a peak at my latest session with my friend Elsy a fellow photographer that I train with. She will be doing my “beauty” session next week-excited.

Beautiful Elsy

Beautiful Elsy before and after…




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