50 ways to deal with a crisis

If you are on this planet long enough, you will be confronted with a crisis. One that will just appear out of no where, trust me you won’t see it coming, cause if you had you would have blocked it immediately. When in crisis mode initially you may feel as if you are falling apart, everything seems impossible, and there is no way out, trust me there is.

So I compiled a list of “50 things to do in a crisis”…

  1. CRY- as much as you want to, especially in the beginning.
  2. Have at least one person you can trust.
  3. Yoga- lots of it…hip openers are really good.
  4. Have an inner circle that can help you.
  6. Take long hikes.
  7. Take long hot baths with bath salts or bubbles.
  8. Educate yourself about your crisis.
  9. Stay busy- keep up your routine.
  10. Get an adult coloring book.
  11. Know that the silent tears will soon dry up.
  12. Take care of yourself.
  13. Accept.
  14. Find something that makes you laugh
  15. Stay engaged-don’t become a recluse
  16. Forgive
  17. Meditate
  18. Grieve- It’s okay- loss is usually part of a crisis.
  19. Don’t focus on “why me?”
  20. Be truthful
  21. Don’t give up.
  22. It will get better
  23. Dig deep and find that inner strength .
  24. Follow your heart.
  25. Embrace your family
  26. Be resilient.
  27. Be Kind.
  28. Don’t abuse your body i.e. self-medicate.
  29. Learn something.
  30. Don’t let yourself go.
  31. Don’t stay in pajamas all day everyday
  32. Seek Professional help.
  33. Keep your routine.
  34. Get massages.
  35. Get some sunshine and fresh air.
  36. Apologize.
  37. Reinvent yourself.
  38. Dress up.
  39. Clean your house- even if you have professionals clean, just do it.
  40. Open a bottle of champagne and sip it through a straw.
  41. Think about the future .
  42. If you have someone in your life cling to them…especially in a crisis.
  43. Smell the roses.
  44. Cook.
  45. Drink exotic teas like my favorite from Harney & Sons “Paris”.
  46. Write a handwritten not on real paper
  47. Call someone on the phone and real conversation.
  48. Find joy in simple pleasures.
  49. Smile.
  50. Love as much as you can…
  51. SLEEP get your REST.
    self portrait #10

    self portrait #10


    Have a wonderful Thursday my pretties… I have an incredibly busy day ahead of me. It is my Hubby’s birthday!




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