50 Things to do to have more Romance in your life

Gigi & Reggie

Gigi & Reggie

1. wear pretty lingerie-get rid of ugly t-shirts or better yet sleep in the nude.

2. wear dresses more often.

3. watch Casablanca

4. Light candles-just because, and always have a scented one too

5. walk around in these.

6. Listen to this.

7. keep a fresh rose on your night stand.

8. make your bed with pretty linens

9. make something organic and raw.

10. love yourself and the skin you are in-forget about what you weigh

11. Take a cooking class and become passionate about preparing good food.

12. take a photography workshop and learn to see the world with your lens

13. visit South Africa and go on safari

14. Stay at Four Seasons Koh  Samui

15. light a fire and snuggle up

16. write a love letter on pretty paper, scent it and mail it to your beloved

17. Go to Paris

18. Go to Italy

19. move to the beach

20. go to Brazil

21. Drive to Carmel

22. Go to Napa and stay at Auberge du Soleil

23. Take a long bath, listen to some music- keep adding warm water-and add a few candles for good measure

24. wear your favorite perfume to bed- my two favs are Tom Ford Black Orchid and Bond # 9 Nuits de Noho

25. have lunch in an outdoor cafe

26. go to the beach more often

27. go listen to some jazz in a small club

28. Go see live theater

29. Send a sexy text-maybe a picture too.

30. keep things fresh-it gets stale, only if you let it…

31. cut off all electronic devices for an evening

32. prepare a meal from scratch

33. go on a picnic with a basket and a blanket

34. Sleep in–really late

35. learn to love the sound of snoring

36. make your own floral arrangement

37. Take the scenic route

38. stop rushing

39. daydream

40.decide to embrace life and all its lushiness

41. get a massage together

42. go to Costa Rica and stay in the rainforest

43. laugh at funny you tubes

44. take a Sunday afternoon nap together

45. Write a list of all the things you love about your beloved

46. Take a dance class together

47. read love poems together

48. Always date…

49. don’t forget to smile…and always forgive.

50. remember Romance never goes out of style…

Happy Friday-make is a romantic one…



Gigi @ 54

Gigi @ 54

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