10 things you should do…

self portrait #10

self portrait #10

I was reading an article about 26 things a person should do for themselves a least once an year.

These were some of my favorites ones-

1 Buy your self a good pair of shoes. The article focused on the comfort aspect, but my thought would be a beautiful indulgent pair- one that makes your heart beat fast and your legs look fabulous.

2 Go on a trip anywhere- even a road trip to a city a couple hours away- just explore something different.

3 Listen to some music from your past- I do that all the time, it mellows me out thinking about what I was doing 20-30 years ago and how simple my life was then. Lately I have been on a Stevie Wonder binge.

4 Edit your space and get rid of clutter. Anything that no longer serves you…let it go- I’m doing this room by room, my daughter left for college 2008 and has not returned- so I think all those clothes hanging in that closet are not serving anyone.

5 Clean up your email inbox- I’m ashamed to say, but I have over 100,000. I know part of this is from subscribing to different mailers, so my inbox is flooded daily.

6 Take yourself to dinner or lunch alone- I do this a lot when I go into the city. I have by phone or iPad and I’m good.

7 Write down a list of things you are proud of…

a.I am proud of my growth as an artist- and pursuing my passion as an old lady. hehehe

b. I am proud of my unconditional love for my family-because at times it can be a real challenge.

c. I am proud of being able to say “no” and being able to speak and listen to my authentic self and let her guide me…

8 Prepare dinner for friends- It is so easy to go out and meet at a restaurant, but there is something intimate about preparing food for guests.

9 I love this one- “do something unbelievably kind for someone who will not expect it” I have been on the receiving end of this one- just blown away by unexpected kindness, especially this past year.

10 I loved this one too “on your birthday make it a point to review your year” and then reflect and make improvements.

Read the entire list here.

Happy Wednesday!



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